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A Taste of St. Cloud: The House of Pizza

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The House of Pizza is located in the heart of downtown St. Cloud at 19 Fifth Ave. S. and also in the Pinecone Marketplace in Sartell.

The House of Pizza, established in 1964 is located in the heart of downtown St. Cloud at 19 Fifth Ave. S. Their is another location in the Pinecone Marketplace in Sartell. This sensational pizza establishment is St. Cloud’s pride and joy and has my mouth watering just thinking about the treat that is in store.

As someone who has grown up in St. Cloud, I remember the taste of the House of Pizza for as long as I can remember. The look and feel of the restaurant has changed over the years due to beautiful new renovations, but their flavor and quality of pizza has not changed one bit.

The House of Pizza began as a small pizza and soda shop in downtown St. Cloud. Since 1964 they have been serving up the area’s most delicious thin crust pizza. Some diehard fans have even argue the best pizza in the nation.  From personal experience, I have traveled to the world famous original Ray’s Pizza in New York City. And all I remembered about eating there is that the House of Pizza is easily just as good if not better.

“I have traveled to every state in the lower forty eight states, and I’ve had some great pizza … but there is just something about the House of Pizza that you’ll never forget and you’ll keep coming back every time you arrive in St. Cloud after not being here for a while,” said Paul Clark, from Arizona.

“Everything here is original, our ingredients are always fresh and our secret sauce is the best part. If I had to guess, its the sauce that keeps our customers coming back,” said Jen Bowlin, shift supervisor at House of Pizza. “When I’m serving customers, I hear at least once a day that someone has come from a very long ways away just to have our pizza. Or someone will just fly in from Chicago and the first place they will eat is the House of Pizza.”

House of Pizza also has some unique features, the oven which was custom built for the restaurant in 1964 still is cranking out the pizzas to this day. The restaurant is separated into two levels: the upstairs dining room for families and parties.The downstairs portion features a small and comfy  full-bar with televisions and view of the House of Pizza’s signature oven. Both areas are dimly light, while the bar offers a louder atmosphere. The dining room is dimly light with very light music playing. Not overly fancy, just a great place for a nice meal with your family.

When I ordered my pizza I chose a family size two topping pizza with pepperoni and canadian bacon, my girlfriend ordered some cheese bread as an appetizer. With our meal, two sodas for the both of us, the total come to $28.00 dollars. I felt like my wallet had just been sentenced to the electric chair.

But when our food arrived, the House of Pizza did not disappoint.

The garlic cheese bread is unbelievable. Not too crunchy, not too soft and undercooked. Just the perfect piece of bread complimented with marinara sauce and a delicious array of garlic, butter, and spices. Easily some of the best cheese bread from any pizza place in the area.

Now on to the main course. The thin crust pizza was cut into small squares instead of the traditional pie cut from pizza places. No matter, I took a bite of my first piping hot piece and it hits: the flavor that brings me back to my childhood. I felt like I was in pizza heaven. The sauce is always so hard to contain on thin crust, you better be watching the back of your pizza. The small squares make it easy to eat too much too fast and the flavor of the pizza doesn’t help either. It makes me have to mentally say to myself “don’t over eat, don’t over eat.” Because I promise, your going to want to keep going back for more.

By the end of the meal, my girlfriend and I are full and very much satisfied with our food and our service. So much in fact, we decided to take our leftovers to the bar downstairs for a drink and to catch the remainder for the Twins game. Save up St. Cloud, the House Of Pizza is a can’t miss establishment!

Rating System: 1-5. 1 being lowest, 5 being the highest. I’ll explain why I gave that number and then I’ll average all numbers at the end to give the overall rating.

Price: 3 – For a college budget this place is a bit pricey. Definitely a treat. Truth is you could probably buy two or three pizzas depending on what chain you order from for the price of one from the House of Pizza. But the quality of this pizza puts all other pizzas from around this area to shame.

Atmosphere: 4.5 – I really like that it is two different levels. A bar downstairs, and a dining room upstairs. Both are classy and up-kept, and both are wonderful for any occasion. The bar is awesome for beer and pizza during the game.

Service: 4.5 – Great service, my waitress was knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I received my food in a timely fashion. And I know that their estimates for delivery times are usually spot on. Give or take five minutes.

Food: 5 – Unbelievable! You won’t find a pizza this unique for miles. Don’t be surprised if you find this as your guilty pleasure when your studying (or partying) hard late at night. This pizza will leave an impression on you. If you ever leave St. Cloud and you come back 15 years down the road I bet you’ll want to stop here first.

Overall Rating: 4.25

Restaurant Info:

Phone: 320-252-9300

Credit Cards: Yes

Delivery: Yes

Take-Out: Yes

Alcohol: Full-Bar

Hours: 11-10

Specials: Daily

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