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MNL Spotlight: The Curiously Strong Peppermints

MNL was proud to have The Curiously Strong Peppermints on last week’s show. The Curiously Strong Peppermints brought one-of-a-kind sound to the studio.

“Elliott Smith backed by The Flaming Lips, playing The Beatles backwards,” is how the band describe themselves on Facebook.

The instrumentals and effects sound very similar to The Flaming Lips, but have classic rock undertones. The Beatles playing backwards may be eluding to Jesse Miller’s squeaky, geeky, yet entertaining vocals.

The lyrics are much more important than the vocals themselves, which is something that is hard to digest at first. Overall, the focus of The Curiously Strong Peppermints is on the instrumentals, which are excellent and coordinated.

Miller – a one time student at SCSU – used to work down at KVSC himself, so it was a home-coming event for him. Band-mates Ben Swanson, Mason Butler and Sean Fahrni were new-comers to both KVSC and the SCSU campus.

The Curiously Strong Peppermints have an old-school approach to recording their albums.

“Everything starts on four-track, like our last record (Echoes from the Ultraviolet Fuzz). Pretty much every song started on four-track,” said Miller.

It is hard to believe that entire albums are recorded this way due to the fine level of detail on the finished product. Butler did mention they do a lot of post-production work on the computer to fine-tune songs for the finished product.

“We started getting some sort of internet attention, before we really even played live,” said Miller.

The Peppermint’s path has been unlike many “traditional” bands in the sense they don’t play many live gigs. Most of their audience is online, which is where they got their big start with the album Endless Fields of Poppies.

“Pretty much all of our record was sold online,” said Butler. Their online presence soon funded their second album Echoes from the Ultraviolet Fuzz, which was also successful online. Most people who are into their music aren’t “local.” Many of The Curiously Strong Peppermint’s fans are located outside of the United States. They have fans throughout Europe, especially in Italy and Greece.

“I just did an interview a couple months ago with a Greek magazine,” said Miller. Even though he doesn’t know how to read or speak Greek, Miller took up the offer.

Miller and Butler also spoke about how many of today’s new bands are using the internet as a medium for promotion. They think that is a very useful tool to spread their music around. There web page is actually the first to come up on a Google search, even though Altoids Mints have a similar slogan.

The MNL also had a glimpse of some of The Curiously Strong Peppermints work, they played several new songs during their set including: How to Navigate a Spaceship through a Black Hole and  Supernovacaine.

More information about The Cuiously Strong Peppermints can be found on Facebook, Bandcamp, or their personal website

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