Don’t be fooled by false claims at crisis pregnancy centers

As fires, heat and storms rage in various parts of the country, so do local reproductive health issues impacting the lives and choices of women in the St. Cloud area.

A recent meeting with our local Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPCs), the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), reinforced concerns about the accuracy of their advertising and the information provided to women experiencing crisis pregnancies.

One of my disagreements concerns the question of truth in their advertising.

For example, their mission statement clearly articulates their focus as a Christian-based organization dedicated to stopping all abortions, but their introductory materials don’t include either fact.

Instead of advertising their mission statement on their store-front’s public computer, the PRC displays the SCSU homepage, giving an implied appearance that the organization is part of the SCSU Welcome Center, which is almost next door.

Another of many examples is contained in one of their brochures displayed in their brochure rack. It expressly states that Emergency Contraception—a double dose of birth control designed to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex—is an “abortion”.

This is not true. Additional fictional claims in their materials posted for all to see include the claims that abortion causes breast cancer and that abortion causes debilitating psychological damage to women, referred to as “post-abortion syndrome” by anti-choice forces.

Again, these claims are fictional, repudiated by organizations such as the National Cancer Institute and the American Psychological Association.

Now that the Pregnancy Resource Center has moved two blocks from the SCSU campus, coupled with the fact that they offer free testing for certain types of STDs, it will be more important than ever for students to learn the whole story about the services, philosophy and scientifically-inaccurate information of our local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Women’s well-being depends on it.


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  • SCSU Student

    I know a lot of people who volunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center and they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever meet. They offer a lot of the same services that the Women’s Center offer in a caring environment. While yes in their statement they are pro-life, I believe it’s important to understand that abortion can become a dangerous procedure for women, and also psychological harm does happen to those who go through abortions. I believe the problem is that those who did go through with abortion, are just to ashamed to admit what they did.

    Now I will respect your opinion as the director of the Women’s Center, and they do over some great free services for students. Just please understand that the pregnancy resource center does offer a lot of the same services, but in a safe caring environment that doesn’t potentially harm women, based on the services they offer.

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