Choice comes before creating life

I have one question. Where would the pro-choicers be if their mothers had supported abortion?

Make the choice before engaging in an activity that may make a baby.

By Phyllis E. Vanburen
SCSU Professor of Spanish, German, and Foreign Education

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  • Scott

    Phyllis:  they’d be in the same place that our child is, the one that would have been produced if you had sex with me at the right time in your past.  “There is no such child” you will doubtless protest.  Right:  given that there is not yet any such child, you were under no obligation to create it, and the fact that it is not anywhere is not a harm to it because there is no being to be harmed.  Neither  is a pregnant woman under an obligation to grow cells in her body which do not yet constitute a child.  Persons are not collections of cells, but sentient beings; until there is a sentient being, there is nothing with any rights.

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