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The constant debate of gun control: what can be done?

As the weeks roll on, there appear to be more public shootings and tragedies involving firearms across America. It is nearly impossible to turn on a TV, surf the web, or listen to a radio without hearing about public shootings or gun control laws. Politicians and citizens are heavily debating the topic across the nation; either side has valid and reasonable arguments for their cause.

In my opinion, and I know millions of others can agree with me, our country as an established government should never strip away our rights to the second amendment of being able to bear arms. If our government one day decided to strip us of our weaponry, we would be left utterly defenseless to a powerful government. I’m not down-talking our nation by any means, but if we were left without a way to defend ourselves, our government could literally pass and enforce whatever laws they wanted to without retort, and strip away some of the people’s freedoms. We would be as defenseless as sheep. Sheeple, per se.

Also, whether or not our government was to impose such a strict stripping of firearms, there would be criminals and gunrunners who would still be able to gain access to firearms. So a complete ban on guns would be useless.

On the other hand, there definitely needs to be something done in order to halt the frequency of public shootings happening in our society today. One ban our nation is trying to impose is the prohibition of assault rifle firearms available to firearms certified citizens of the general public. Semi-automatic assault rifles are capable of firing multiple rounds as fast as one can pull the trigger. These assault weapons also have large magazines that are simple and quick to reload. With the atrocities happening in America today, one can see why the government wants a ban on such a deadly device.

But at the same time, we, the people of the United States, in all honesty, should have the right to purchase one of these weapons if desired, it’s an amendment written in the constitution by our forefathers in order to protect a nation of people from a government trying to enforce too much control. Whether the purchase of a gun is for protection or hunting, it doesn’t matter. It is still a right for U.S. citizens.

So what can be done? Some politicians argue adequately trained officers wielding firearms should be put into place at schools and universities across the nation. Others say more strict background checks and personality evaluations need to be put into place to make purchasing a firearm a more certified process.

What I have to say to this: before any of these bans or laws or policies can be changed or put into place our government, or society I should say, should stop kindling these despicable acts with such an absurd and frequent amount of coverage.

As aforementioned, you cannot turn on a radio, watch TV or search the Internet without hearing about gun control or criminals causing carnage and chaos. So why doesn’t the media just back off a bit? I feel like half the reason why these psychotics commit such heinous crimes is for the attention and publicity received from our nation as a whole. I believe such constant media coverage of tragic events triggers something in the minds of other psychos to try and top it.

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