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Film festival explores ‘forbidden’

The President of the film society screening students' films from the control room of the PAC.

[Nadia Kamil] Cinescope screening students’ films from the control room of the PAC.

The student film festival is a time for celebrating creativity.

The student film organization, Cinescope, which is the only film group on campus, hosted the fifth Student Film Festival on March 1.

There were a variety of films on display, ranging from light-hearted comedy to the utterly bizzare. Tyler Borresch, co-President of Cinescope, said that the theme for this festival was “the forbidden”; that theme was definitely echoed in the films that were shown.

Among the hits that really stood out were “Kazoo’s on First”, which was a mockumentary which mirrored the real documentaries on bands like Metallica and Anvil. The thing that really made this film was that the actors played it off completely seriously while maintaining a subject that is utterly ridiculous.

The premise of the film was that 3 friends have formed a band that plays kazoos as their only instruments. The great dialogue was what really made this film memorable with quotes like “sensual like a porpoise” and “where do you see the band in 4 years?’ ‘Oh I’m not doin this for 4 more *bleep* years.’”

Another film that was memorable was “Dangerous Desire”. This film was entirely animated, using the video game “The Movies”. It was a mostly black and white drama that dealt with a woman being forced to take up her husband’s trade of assassination to clear a debt.

An interesting feature of this film was the use of color; it was reserved for flashbacks where the couple was together and for the assassination targets. This showed the mood of the woman far more effectively and memorably than simply stating it.

One of the pieces that really stuck in your mind was “I Want to Hear YR Dreams”, which was most notable for being very strange.

The first part of the film had a disturbing soundtrack to a series of shots that can best be described as the B-roll in serial killer films. The second half of the film was less creepy but still very surreal. The shots were more lighthearted with fireworks and daytime scenes with a narrator giving a philosophical speech on the nature of dreams. It was a weird film but it had a way of remaining in your memory that is admirable.

A movie that did an excellent job of exploring the forbidden theme was the film “Period Piece”. It was a sort of black comedy that dealt with the themes of forbidden love, murder, and, surprisingly, menstruation. The name “Period Piece” has a double meaning as the film also has Victorian style props and costuming.

The story is of a husband who sees his wife on her period as a brutish man and he plots to murder her. Secretly she also plots his death and has enlisted another man, who sees her as a beautiful woman, to assist her. The actor playing the wife changes depending on who’s point of view the audience is seeing her from which makes for some delightful comedy.

Cinescope has been running for eight years now and Borresch has been with them for five. He says that after he graduates he will pass the leadership to Kimberly, who is also a Cinescope member and presenter for the film festival. He states that he wants to continue to work with Cinescope even after graduation and that he hopes to take it even further.

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