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Iceage Show at Triple Rock almost descends into chaos

Punk rock shows are known to get out of hand from time to time, which is why most venues make sure to have hired some form of security to stand  among the crowd. The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis received a lesson about this during an explosive punk rock show on the night of April 7.

Iceage came to play at the Minneapolis club in support of their new album, “You’re Nothing”, released on Feb. 19 by Matador Records. They were joined by Minneapolis’ Condominium, Wild Child and Ex Nuns.

The action alluded to earlier happened during the set of the Minneapolis punk band Wild Child, after a mind-melting performance of speed punk by openers Condominium which seemed to be getting the crowd riled up.

Wild Child’s music was a fiery, blitzing kind of punk rock. This might be the singer’s style, but it appeared that he was becoming more agitated as the show went along. Beer cans and plastic cups starting being tossed through the air every time they fired into a song, and some of them were landing onto the stage.

After a few near misses during the next four songs, at which not one staff member was appearing to be aware, the singer started sending them back. The next time they crunched into a song, he would sneakily grab a can as he was dancing in his deranged punk manner, then fling them at random.

Finally, he sent one all the way to the sound guy in the back of the bar, who then came down to the stage and personally kicked the band off stage. The crowd booed loudly while the Wild Child singer surprisingly pleaded to the aggressively angry sound guy. If they had even one security guy down on the floor, this could’ve been avoided.

The Ex Nuns were being described by fans at the show as a punk band, to me these guys sounded like thrash metal at times. They would modestly say the name of the song, sometimes pausing to joke with each other, then begin with a drum beat or a slow and quiet lead in. Suddenly they would explode into these ear killing sessions where the sound would become one static noise except for the guttural screams of the singer. Their songs seemed like they could be good from the little that could be picked out of the noise, but the sound guy might have failed them.

Kicking their set off with the more popular song off of their new album, “Ecstasy”, Iceage put forth a pretty brutal performance of the song. On the album this song is satisfyingly messy, and the performance was spot on.

At times, just as it was with the Ex Nuns set, the sound was incomprehensible. The guitars and drums would just jumble each other out of control.

The Copenhagen band seemed pretty calm and focused on stage, nailing the crazy changes of pace and complexity that could be found on the album. Singer Johan Wieth was seen drinking what appeared to be wine from a glass like the one seen in the official music video for “Ecstasy”.

Wieth played guitar for just a few songs at the beginning of the set. Right about the time it had become evident he wasn’t really playing with the band anymore, he took the guitar off. The Iceage singer would lean on the microphone stand for the rest of the night, giving a visceral performance, swaying as if the wine had finally taken hold.

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