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Find facts before attacking Planned Parenthood

Republicans attacked Planned Parenthood once again, grasping for a handhold on the one thing they think Planned Parenthood is doing wrong: abortion.

That’s just it though, they think abortion is wrong.

Before we continue it is important to note that this isn’t some self-proclaimed omniscient article about how abortion should remain legal. This is an article about the sheer ridiculousness of attacks on Planned Parenthood, specifically those led by Florida Representative Cliff Stearns.

Before we begin, let’s clear the water of some commonly misconstrued statements.

Statement: Planned Parenthood performs mostly abortions and not many other services.

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Livescribe Pen profile

Photo Courtesy of

Livescribe pens record what is written and store the information to be used with computers

Livescribe is writing its way into the future of note taking.

We’ve all heard of writing utensils that contain more than just ink. Perhaps a pen with a voice recording device in it, or a pen that doubles as a digital storage device. Maybe even a pen with a small camera in it to shoot videos when needed, the bottom line is that pens that are more than pens are nothing new.

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Worth 100 Words – Rudeness

To be rude is to be offensively impolite or ill-mannered.

Rudeness is not uncommon in every day life, but it is certainly not needed.

Do you enjoy having people be rude to you? I do not, and I imagine you do not either, so what is the point of being rude to others when you can control it?

Whether it is simply holding your tongue when you have something that is not nice to say, or perhaps giving someone a moment of your time instead of ignoring them, there are many ways we can all work to not be rude.

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‘Dead Island’ infects role-playing fans

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A new twist on the zombie apocalypse, 'Dead Island' offers weapon specialization for all of its four main characters

Looking for an island vacation adventure this winter? “Dead Island” is just for you!

“Dead Island”, developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver, is a first person horror action adventure game for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Originally announced at E3 2006, but unfortunately pushed back until 2011, “Dead Island” was finally released on Sept. 6, 2011, and has received a general rating of around 8 out of 10 from various game reviews.

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Public Safety’s technological role on campus

Jun-Kai Teoh | Photographer

The Blue-Light system can be found all over campus

Our campus may have buildings dating back to 1905, but when it comes to utilizing technology to keep our students safe SCSU is very modern.

The face of SCSU safety is known as Public Safety. Public Safety exists for more than just handing out tickets. Public Safety is a department on campus devoted to keeping SCSU as safe as possible.

“The Public Safety Department is open 24 hours per day. Working to provide the safest environment possible, uniformed Public Safety officers respond to all safety, security or medical requests for assistance,” as stated on the Public Safety website.

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Biology 701 to be St. Cloud’s first GLBT-oriented lounge

Tara Gorman | Photographer
Charles Severson, owner of Biology 701, explains that it’s the prime time for St. Cloud to have a new kind of bar in the area. He plans on offering vegetarian and vegan food as well as meat options for those that prefer it

Biology 701 is a new lounge and bar in downtown St. Cloud that caters to the GLBT and Vegetarian community, however, Biology 701 welcomes all.

Charles Severson, a St. Cloud resident originally from St. Paul and owner of Biology 701, wanted to bring to St. Cloud what he believes is missing.

“Once I moved up here and started to get immersed in the community I saw a real lack of this [GLBT] kind of venue. The other thing we found a lack of was vegetarian food and healthy options. A lot of the bars around here, and restaurants, are fried food and real heavy stuff,” Severson said, “we’re looking to a lighter, healthier option.”

This isn’t Severson’s first adventure with owning a GLBT venue. “I owned a bar in St. Paul called ‘Rumors and Innuendo,’ I owned that for about a year and ended up selling out to my business partner.” Unfortunately for ‘Rumors and Innuendo,’ the Light Rail construction in St. Paul passed right in front of the establishment forcing it to close.

Biology 701 is not strictly a GLBT bar nor strictly a Vegetarian restaurant. It will cater to the GLBT community however, because Severson feels there is a serious lack of that in St. Cloud.

“We’re going with a couple of different things. During the day and during the week/lunch time hours we’ll have quieter music, it will be more of a lounge type feeling, lounge furniture, perhaps some background jazz,” Severson explained, “at night and on the weekends it will pump up more into a dance floor. There will be lights, a Disc Jockey and we’ll push the furniture away.”

Severson isn’t the only one who thinks St. Cloud is ready for a GLBT establishment.

Lance Pemberton, a senior studying Political Science, is the community advisor for the LGBTA Pride Living Community on SCSU.

“I think St. Cloud is definitely ready for a GLBT bar, I think campus is especially ready,” said Pemberton.

“We’re on the verge of St. Clouds second annual pride march, the first one was an overwhelming success. There’s a huge gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community, we’ve gotten a lot of support so far,” Severson elaborated.

St. Cloud State held it’s second annual ‘Above the Clouds Pride March’ this past July and ‘St. Cloud Pride’ will be held on September 23rd – 25th.

Unfortunately Biology 701 will not be open for St. Cloud Pride this year, but they do plan to open between October 15th and 31st. Their opening date depends on a City Council meeting on October 10th which will determine if they get their license or not.

When it does open, Biology 701 will offer many food, drink, and entertainment specials as well as an atmosphere that isn’t prevalent in St. Cloud bars.

Tara Gorman | Photographer

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Profile: Paddy’s Game Shoppe


Gino Marinaro, owner and founder of Paddy’s Game Shoppe, is a store owner who is very integral to the well-being of his store.

Customers who call in may be surprised to hear the owner, rather than an hourly employee, of the small business answer the phone : “Paddy’s Game Shoppe, this is Gino.”

Paddy’s Game Shoppe was originally founded in 2005 after Marinaro found himself in a tricky situation many Americans have faced.

“I found myself without a job, I had been unemployed and we [Gino and his wife, Dawn] kind of talked about it and said ‘Well, if there was ever a time to do it, now is the time.’ We went ahead and jumped in,” Marinaro said.

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Business Profile: Books revisited

Zak Killermann | Photographer

Popular titles are displayed in the children's section on an easily viewable table

Whether it’s the first edition of “Grapes of Wrath” you seek, a signed copy of “The Shining,” the complete “Twilight” series or a book for your child, Books Revisited has (or can get) it for you.

“On the floor, we probably have close to 100,000 titles,” John Lee, owner of Books Revisited, said, “with at least half of those being books we purchased from the community.”

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UPB kicks off new semester

Mark Rhodes | Photographer

Traci Knick, left, and Jordan Ehlers, right, created wax hands by repeatedly dipping their hands in ice cold water and then putting them in hot wax to form a mold

Atwood After Dark kicked off the new semester with success thanks to over 50 student volunteers.

For those who do not know, Atwood After Dark is a free event for students that takes place once every month in the Atwood Memorial Center on campus. Times and exact dates are available online and on posters scattered throughout campus closer to the date of the next Atwood After Dark event.

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Farmers market to start on monday

Chronicle File Photo

Farmer's Market happens every Monday outside of Atwood Memorial Center from 11am to 2pm

Are you craving a fresh, locally grown fruit or vegetable? Are you in the mood for some great tasting food on campus? Is today Monday, August 29, and is the time between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.?


Today (and a handful of days in September and October) is the Atwood Memorial Center Community Farmers’ Market.


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