A New Definition of “Growing Up”

When I was a child, I always thought the adult-version of me would be
a very different person than myself. I thought I would magically
overcome my fears, worries, and doubts simply by getting a few years

Now that I’m a couple years into adulthood, I can already see that
this view was a fantasy. It was wishful thinking to hope that all my
problems would vanish into thin air given enough time.

Beyond issues and problems, I can also see the core of my childhood
personality remains in tact. I mostly enjoy the same things,
people, and environments that I did back then.

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Parking on campus. Again.

Parking and not parking on SCSU campus is one of the most frustrating things ever. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I just need to complain and inform once more. A couple of months ago I parked in the library parking and received a ticket. Along with that ticket, a boot was put on my car and I had to pay a fine of $280 to have it removed. Now that’s a pretty big fine for a few unpaid parking tickets, but I wasn’t upset about it because I knew I hadn’t paid the tickets and shouldn’t have parked by the library. I paid my fine, and went on my way.

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Technology obsession

Let’s face it, technology has completely consumed our lives; cell phones, laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPods, the list goes on and on. Most people won’t even leave their home without their phone or computer, myself included. Everywhere you look you will see someone using some sort of technology. Take the Crossroads Mall for example. I guarantee that no matter what store you head to, someone will be checking their phone, updating their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just taking a selfie.

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Are congressmen underpaid?

The other day I saw an article in the Washington Post in which Congress representative Jim Moran said that he and other members of Congress are underpaid. WHAT?

You’re underpaid? What about the people making minimum wage? What about deployed soldiers who average about $35,000 a year? I just feel like when it comes to addressing who is underpaid Congressman should be way down on the list of who should get paid more.

Moran also went on to say that their pay has been frozen for the past four years, and a fourth year is looking likely. Sorry, but I can’t feel bad for a guy whose pay is frozen at $174,000, and has been for the past couple years.

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Don’t be a jerk on April Fools’ Day

As the semester comes to a close, as the snow (finally) melts revealing mud and dead grass, we celebrate the coming of spring with a long, time-honored tradition of April Fools’. Yes, the coming of spring means we get one day to go absolutely nuts and break out the corniest jokes we can think of. Like those springs in a nut can.

I haven’t actually seen someone use one of those, aside from elementary school kids. But I know, in my heart, somewhere, someone is just waiting to use those kinds of gimmicks.

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Bullying and arrogance are an unpleasant combination in the work place

It’s easy once you are in a position of power to completely forget about where you came from. To forget about all the people that helped you on the way. All those that were there for you.

Anytime I take on a new role, whether it is Editor-in-Chief at the University Chronicle or it is in another work-type atmosphere, I always make sure to never forget my humbler beginnings. And I strive to make sure those in my former position are treated with the respect they deserve.

However, it is really easy to see those that do not share the same sentiments.

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Letter to the Editor

My father often told me as a child that if I complain but I don’t do anything to change it, I may as well stop complaining completely. I have taken that lesson as I joined SCSU’s Student Government this last year. I have always been a believer that if you want to be part of change, you must be willing to stand up for it and listen.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, it means not running away when you are faced with criticism but as I regularly tell my close friends, if someone told me they hated me genuinely, I would propose marriage.

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Smoking Ban at SCSU

You see the sticker on every door around the SCSU campus that reads: “Tobacco Free”, referring to what the campus is supposed to be. Is the SCSU really tobacco free though?

There are multiple students who bend these rules for their own selfish wants and ignore what SCSU is trying to accomplish. Often times you hear from students who smoke, “I am smoking on public property,” or, “I am technically off campus,” but this isn’t about whether you are on campus or off campus; this is about health and respect.

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Importance of student organizations

The transition from high school to college is hard. Not only are you leaving your parents’ house, but now you have to deal with sharing your space with someone you don’t completely know, trying to find your classes, and most importantly, making friends. If you’re an introvert that just makes it harder. My first semester wasn’t the greatest because I was super shy and put all my attention on my academics, but after a while, that got tiring. So during my second semester, I decided to put myself out there and try out for UTVS News. I figured “why not?” It pertained towards my major and it would help me make friends. Being part of UTVS helped me to become more social and actually leave my room often. Being in the library all of first semester helped me in the long run as well because I got into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Being in these two student organizations has helped me grow as a person by learning my strengths and weaknesses, becoming more social, and boosting my resume. So if you are like the typical SCSU student, you have seen Main Street and Side Street lined up with student organizations vying for student membership at the beginning of every semester. Don’t do yourself a disservice by dismissing all of the student groups as boring and consider the benefits of joining or possibly starting your own student organization. SCSU has 228 registered student organizations you can choose from.

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All you need is money

Going to class, finding a job, managing friends; these are just some of the long list of things that college students have to balance when attending school, not to mention finding time for the six hours of homework each night.

Our parents and other older adults always talk about college being the absolute best years of our lives and that we should enjoy them. Well I disagree completely. Yes, it’s quite a bit of fun making new friends, being on your own, and finally being old enough to legally drink with your friends, but the fun doesn’t even compare to the amount of stress loaded onto each and every student once they get accepted to school.

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