Worth 100 words

Worth 100 Words

Summer is slowly withering away.

It may turn out to be the summer that never was, after one of the longest winters in history, Minnesota’s summer has been rather interesting.

We’ve had a stretch of days that felt like it was over 100 degrees.

We’ve had storms that have uprooted entire trees and nearly the entire community of Richmond.

Pull out the sweater and a pair of jeans.

Just this past weekend, we set record lows for late July only hitting the mid-fifties.

Now, it is almost August and classes start soon.

My, how time flies.

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100 words: Slim pickin’s for healthy restaurant

I wish they had more restaurants that catered to healthy eating. Sure, you’ve got your Subway, and your Pacific Wok (woohoo, 2 whole restaurants), but it is so easy to order unhealthy – or unhealthy amounts of – food there. As someone who is struggling to be more healthy but just plain loves to eat, going to a restaurant can be down right scary. I think that businesses like those two would attract a lot of sales. People could go out on their lunch breaks and feel good about it. They should open a restaurant that offers only healthy food with nutrition facts included with every meal.

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Make your media work for you

Everyone I know complains about the news.

Part of my job is to criticize the status quo.

Sometimes, we need criticism, too. It keeps us honest, and being a small newsroom, the Chronicle can and does act on advice.

But when we whine about Fox, MSNBC, the Huffington Post and every other news outlet, it falls on deaf ears.

They get away with this because we don’t pay to keep these things on air: advertisers do. Thus, they have no real interest in pleasing us.

The solution?

Public media.

Rediscover PBS, NPR and your student media.

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Go forward, America

The time is finally here. After months of rallying and campaigning, the day that will decide the fate of America, at least for the next four years, is set on Tuesday. Even though I am not a U.S. citizen and am not able to vote on the amendments and for the candidates, it was indeed an eye-opening experience to live in the center of this organized chaos. I truly admire the freedom of expression in this country and urge my fellow American friends to cherish their rights. You all have shown me how a patriotic citizen should act.

Go forward, America.

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Smokeless campus, yet?

SCSU’s attempt to be a fully tobacco-free campus is continuously challenged by smokers who sneakily light up their cigarettes at some hidden corners between buildings. Some of the more popular spots for smokers are observed to be the backyard of 51 Building, at the back of Stewart Hall, and opposite the Miller Center at Barden Park (which is out of the SCSU administrative regulation since it is a city property, according to the students).

Worse still, they leave cigarette butts around, littering the ground with toxic chemicals that are accumulated in the cigarette filters. Maybe the admin should pay more attention to taking disciplinary actions against the policy violators if they really desire SCSU to become a smokeless campus.

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Worth 100 Words: To renovate or not?

To renovate Atwood Memorial Center or not, we don’t have a choice.  This time, student government decided to allocate $5 million dollars to renovate Atwood. So we as students have no right to vote.

Seriously, renovating Atwood can bring more students to the school?

Well, I don’t think so.

In my opinion, we are losing students because  of the shut down of the aviation and other programs.

Thus, there might be an increase in student fees to make up for the renovation, which make our life difficult. I would rather to pay more fees to get the other programs back.

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2012 Comic Con

So I guess another San Diego Comic-Con has come to pass.

It was a good year for many things in the works for the next several months.

“The Hobbit” had its own panel discussing the upcoming film.

DC Comics debuted several teasers for their “New 52″ series, which rebooted the entire DC Universe.

The thing I found surprising was Iron Man’s new armor.

No longer is he the blazing red Iron Man with fluorescent gold trim.

Instead he is a desert camouflage brown with red stuff on him.

It looks like a cow crapped all over the side of a barn.

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100 Words- James Cameron

I’m tired of James Cameron. He tried to do “Aliens”. Nice try Cameron, let Ridley Scott do the big boy films. Then he did tried to make a fun little film called “The Abyss”. That was a gem. “The Terminator” series got stale once you realized John Connor was going to survive. Then came “Titanic”. One of the worst shipwrecks in history would go on to make a billion dollars in Hollywood money. Skip everything after that, then “Avatar”. Clearly he was a fan of “Pocahontas”. Now he’s at the bottom of the ocean doing research. James Cameron, stay there.

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The Pink Panther

How could you make a new “Pink Panther” movie without Cato? I mean, I realize that he stands for every negative stereotype that Hollywood can portray, but without him we just have Steve Martin tripping over himself again. Oh, he has a French accent this time? Perfect. No aging comedian has ever done that when their career takes a dive. Now instead of two grown men feverishly attacking each other during random intervals in the day, Martin tries to sneak up on the guy from “Leon: The Professional”. Basically, what this means is that we miss you, Cato. Come back.

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Worth 100 words- Disney

Worth 100 Words


Disney films went from fantastic to freaky in a span of ten years. From new, almost frightening versions of classics like “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, to changing all animation from cartoon to Pixar Animation/CGI, it makes me feel that the folks at Disney are running out of ideas. Not to mention premiering Disney classics in 3D (i.e. “Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”). They are taking original (not to mention great) ideas and reproducing them in slightly different ways in order to increase popularity. So come on, Disney, give me some fresh, good cartoons.

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