After 24 years, Vadnie passes the pen

Vads speaks to students, colleagues, family and friends at his retirement party.

Shun Jie Yong


Thumbing through the paper archives of the University Chronicle, it’s clear that a lot has changed since 1988.

Cartoons were edgier, hairstyles were fluffier and Michael Vadnie was the new adviser on the block.

In one of his early columns, Vadnie praised the outoing adviser, J. Brent Norlem.

He went on to talk about the ethics of journalism.

He channeled Tom Sawyer as he writes, “‘I’m afear’d’ I’ve got bad news. I’ve got lots of questions about ethics. Not many answers.

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We wouldn’t have won without you

Let us begin by thanking you.

Your student fees mean this is your newspaper. Every day, we’re working hard to better serve you, our community.

It’s thanks to you that I can proudly report that we won a total of 19 awards at this year’s MNA College Better Newspaper Contest.


Here’s the breakdown (click the author to see the winning piece):

General Excellence: First Place
Typography and Design: First Place
General Reporting: First Place
Use of Photography as a Whole: First Place
Headline Writing: Second Place
Website: Third Place

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We’re back, and a lot has changed

Hello to our dear viewers, newcomers and veterans.

As you may have noticed or will soon notice, there have been a lot of changes around the University Chronicle lately.


First, in print, we’ve cut our paper down to 12 pages, and we’ve thus been able to go full-color.

The reasons for this decision are many, none of which should come as a surprise: printing budgets are being cut, less pages means more money to have our content in color, and most importantly, print newspapers are losing popularity.

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The Chronicle redesign

As some of you might have noticed, we’ve redesigned our print version of the paper and we’re also trying to push our paper towards a different direction.

Unfortunately however, our website’s “style” and “look” doesn’t really gel with our print publication that much. Our website has a more modern direction to it and a dominant “red” color whereas our paper has moved towards a slightly older font style with a clean white and black feel.

Naturally, the website is going to have to change as well. Unfortunately, the website is pretty much a two-man team of Michael Runyon and myself (Kai Teoh).

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Why WordPress? 3 Reasons [Updated]

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Kai Teoh, the Managing Online Editor as of January 2011. I pitched the idea of moving to WordPress from College Publisher 5, and became part of the team (alongside Michael Runyon and Emily Peterson) to initiate the move.

But why?

- College Publisher may be using what they call an “industry standard”, but making changes and using it as an interactive platform was an absolute nightmare. With WordPress, creating a multi-user and adaptive website was far easier.

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Up and rolling

The Chronicle’s website has been up and running for close to two months now. Throughout the past month or so, we’ve worked really hard at making the website work, to have the website be an enjoyable and pleasant experience for our readers.

In other words, we want you here, we want you reading us, we want you to love us.

This is the point where I throw away the “we” and just go “I”, because it’s Kai here that’s writing this. While it may seem a little unprofessional, the newspaper business is a people business, and I’ve personally always disliked business talk.

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Better than ever before!

Hi and welcome – again – to the University Chronicle’s new website.

The Chronicle staffers (known within some circles as the “Chronnies”) have labored long and hard to bring you (our beloved readers) more and more features to the website!

A quick review:

  • Sharing across different platforms (Digg, Twitter,, Buzz, Facebook etc)
  • Revamped registration process (it’s much easier now)
  • Comment subscription and comment rating system
  • Better Facebook integration
  • Writer profiles and proper attribution

We are still hard at work to bring more features to the new website. Suggestions are welcome and can be made in the form of comments or emails to us.

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University Chronicle’s new website

Hi and welcome to University Chronicle’s new website.

This website is currently still under construction but from Fall 2010 onwards it will slowly replace “” The archived prior to Fall 2010 will still be saved at “” but daily and weekly updates will be made here.

Some changes that this website will be seeing in the coming days include:

  • Writer/Editor/Author profile integration
  • Facebook and Twitter support
  • Proper image support with photographer information

This website is currently being built, run and managed by the University Chronicle staff. Any suggestions, comments or tips are welcome and can be made through the “Email Us” link, through here or by directly contacting Kai Teoh and/or Michael Runyon.

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