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Interview with former Adderall seller

Q: Tell me about when you started taking Adderall.

A: Well, my doctors always tried to put me on it, everyone in my family is on it, and they tried to put me on it when I was in elementary school, but I always refused to take it because I didn’t want to be a statistic. So I didn’t start taking it until I got to college, because that’s when I really felt the effects and when I really needed it.

Q: What’s your dosage?

A: I actually take a pretty low dosage, compared to the rest of my family. I only take a 10 milligram a day, generally.

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The Chronicle, 2010

“What should I talk about?” – Kai

“Me!” – Molly Willms

“You could talk about being the next Hugh Hefner?” – Samantha South

That is just a snippet of what happens down at the Chronicle during our crazy layout days. And that’s a sample of the people I’ll be working with the coming year.

It has been a fantastic year so far

Actually, that might be a lie. It has been a really tough year, but it has been very fulfilling.

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Top 10 things professors should know

I do not feel like I have learned enough to graduate from SCSU. Yet, that is what I am doing on May 8. And that means this is my last opinion piece as Editor-in-Chief of the University Chronicle, as well as a student at SCSU. I’ve never cheated or bribed professors. The grades I’ve received are the grades I have earned. I have gone to class and done well (except for water environment). I am proud of the GPA I have earned. However, I still feel like something is missing.

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College survival guide: The final chapter

This school year is winding down, finals are rearing their ugly head once more and summer feels all too far away. To college students, the year can really grind down on us.

The heavy workloads, the seemingly impossible deadlines, the lack of time to hang out with friends and the constant poverty can drive us insane. It is tough to get piece of mind or even some time to rest when you are deep in college.

There is something we all must remember if we are to survive this college life. We must remember that higher learning is an experience only a few privileged people in the world get.

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How important is your GPA

I begin hearing rants and complaints about the school, professors, exams and assignments as the final week of classes’ approaches. The most thought-triggering comment of all the remarks I have heard was how important (or unimportant) a student’s GPA is.

I have always argued that a student or a scholar needs to put studies as priority. Yet, I see that many students – especially those who perceived GPA as irrelevant to their future career – have not really looked at this issue from a professional viewpoint.
“The short answer to this question is, ‘it depends,’” said Heather Huhman, a career expert, founder, and president of Come Recommended, a career and workplace education and consulting firm specializing in young professionals.
On examiner.com, Huhman wrote that the level of importance of a student’s GPA depends on the industry, the level of entry, and even the hiring organizations themselves.
“For example, consulting and major public accounting firms seek candidates with strong GPA – 3.6 and above – whereas other business-related roles may not be as particular, some sales professions,” said Dale Austin, director of career services at Hope College.
Don’t be relieved, this does not mean that students can get away with an okay performance at college. Huhman remarked that most organizations “simply need (legal) ways to weed out” the hundreds of applications they received for any one position. A student’s GPA becomes very crucial at this point.
So to me, it is not about the skills and leadership qualities you beg to offer; it is about competing with hundreds of thousands of candidates out there who claim to have the same skills and qualities.
What motivates your potential employer to pick up your resumes, from the thousands that are sent in each year? What makes you stand out? What helps you to jump off the page?
Answer: Your ability to be persistent, which is reflected upon your GPA.
Karen Nethersole, Esq., CEO and founder of Full Circle NY said the GPA is “not the be-all end-all.”
“It is important for a student to show that he or she takes courses seriously enough to do whatever it takes to achieve the highest grade possible. This shows the ability to work consistently and persistently to achieve excellent results,” Nethersole said.
It says something when a student is able to retain a 3.9 GPA while working 20-plus hours a week, volunteering on three different organizations, nailing several scholastic awards, and keeping a girlfriend/boyfriend happy.
“It is about what you are bringing to the table,” Nethersole said.
I have always observed some classmates of mine who claim that they do not need to take things “too seriously” since they are not into the “real-world” yet.
Let me tell you, my friends, “real-world” is just an excuse you give yourselves to have a little more time monkeying around. There is no “real-world;” it is now.
If you don’t plan to take things serious enough at this point in life, I have no confident that you are going to be any better in the near future.
Hence, stop alleging GPA as nonsense. Especially to seniors out there who are looking for an internship or entry level position, your GPA is the key to accomplish that.
“Without a long resume or professional accomplishments, employers have few criteria on which to judge potential new hires… the GPA may be one of the most important factors potential employers look at when evaluating their candidacy,” Kristen Campbell, national director of College Prep Programs at Kaplan Admissions, said.
So, let’s drop this rant and move on working on your grades. Good luck on your finals, and have a great summer.

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Sexual Assault Awareness

There are many females and males who are sexually abused and do not want to tell their experiences in front of mass people. They sound afraid and some are shy to share their feelings. To prevent form this trauma, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center works to address the causes and impact of sexual violence through collaboration, prevention efforts and the distribution of resources.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides national leadership, consultation and technical assistance to those people who are abused in their life. The four guest speakers, Sarah, Ann, Desiree, and Kimber were survivors from sexual abuse had shared their gruesome experience about their personal life in the conference.

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Restructuring efforts will reduce clerical positions

According to the SCSU website, the restructuring plan will allow SCSU “To become the best comprehensive state university in the Upper Midwest, recognized by our peers as a leader in our region.” One result of this will be that many clerical and staff positions will be or have been eliminated or moved.

The first step on the clerical side was to reduce positions. To this end, 20 clerical positions were offered BESIs. BESI stands for board early separation incentive.

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Alcohol and energy drinks

It’s Thursday. Evan Knudsen just got out of his last afternoon theater class.

As he walks back to his apartment, he calls up his friends to begin to plan the night’s festivities.

Many college students drink on the weekends – starting on Thursday. For Knudsen, Thursday nights are just the beginning of a weekend full of “extracurricular activities,” such as beer pong, categories, and shooting pool at the bars.

“Thursdays are my favorite night of the week downtown,” Knudsen said.

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Adderall and college students

Disclaimer:  Some of the names in this story have been changed to protect the identities of the sources.

The sun is coming up and Ashley is entering the sixth hour of her most recent studying marathon. Ashley spent all of her time the previous day in class before going to work her part-time job. As she starts to give in to exhaustion, she knows that with finals looming over her head she is not ready. She contemplates downing another energy drink, but those just give her a headache anyway, there has to be another way.

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Summer Music Festivals of 2011

Preparations for summer music festivals are underway as spring session comes to an end.

Sunshine, barbecues, boat rides and more. We all know summer is on its way and, whether it’s snowing or raining, the end of the semester brings about our summer season.

Some of us will be taking summer classes and others will prepare themselves for three months of relaxation and going home to spend time with family. Yet, whether students go home for the summer or stay in the area, major festivities will be happening everywhere.

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