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Curiosity rover lands on Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity will land on the surface to help discover new ventures.

Scheduled to touch down on the surface at 8:31 p.m. on Aug. 5 , this will be the fourth rover sent to the Martian surface and ninth mission to the system in ten years.

Curiosity has several goals while operating as the Mars Science Laboratory.

It will feature an onboard biology lab used to analyze soil samples. This will be used to analyze geological features of the planet and attempt to detect any biosignatures of previous life. It will also be used to understand how minerals were formed on the surface.

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Social media helps SCSU, students connect

SCSu has jumped at the opportunity to connect with students and staff using social networking sites.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are some of the most popular sites on the internet right now. Facebook boasts 600 million users alone, a num- ber that is steadily rising.

The SCSu Facebook page is an effective tool for students to stay connected with their school and vice versa. The page features news stories pertaining to student interests, as well as faculty and alumni interests.

One recent story is SCSU alumni and Minnesota Wild center Matt Cullen’s donation to the Sanford Health Foundation.

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Google sets their eyes to the future with their ‘Project Glass’

For the technologically “plugged in”, chances are by now you’ve heard of Google’s big announcement “Project Glass”.

For the uninitiated, “Project Glass” is Google’s attempt to bring heads-up displays to the masses through small glasses.

Announced alongside a promotional concept video and concept photos of models wearing futuristic glasses, “Project Glass” quickly grabbed the attention of the technologically geared en masse.

The concept video showed a person going through his daily life — except this time he’s aided by pop-ups, directions and live-chat all appearing seemingly smoothly from the background to the focus of his attention.

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Student Research Colloquium slated for April 17

SCSU will host the 15th Student Research Colloquium on campus Tuesday, April 17. The SRC is the annual event wherein the university allows students to present their research. It is open to faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students from SCSU and other regional universities.

SRC helps the students, faculty and members of the community to get along and participated in various kind of activities which range from scientific to artistic. There are creative arts, mathematics, business, social science, humanities, physical and life sciences and engineering research in the event.

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Businesses forced to adjust to Facebook Timeline

Whether they like it or not, businesses and organizations have been switched over to the new Timeline format of Facebook.

The change, which took effect last week, makes room for a large cover photo and changes the format of the page’s News Feed.

With the official rollout came a bug: the images that appeared on some pages weren’t the ones assigned by their author. According to Tony Bradley of PC World, the images displayed on his page didn’t even belong to him.

The bug has apparently been removed as Timeline becomes compulsory for all organization fan pages.

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“Girls Around Me” uses foursquare to find users based on gender

Until last week, checking in may have given you more than you bargained for.

Thanks to the iPhone app Girls Around Me, Foursquare users could scan their surroundings for male or female check-ins. They could then view pictures and information of the checkers-in and decide where to go based on what they saw.

Foursquare recently revoked the app’s API access for violating its data aggregation policy.

Going a step further, the app is no longer available from the iTunes App Store.

The developer defended his app, but said that he takes the privacy of users seriously and will develop an app that better suits users’ need without violating privacy.

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Tips everyone should know about student loans

Student loans are an excellent way to get you through school without the overwhelming feeling of having to pay in full each time a payment is due.

However, too many former students have reported problems when it comes to paying off said loans.

Every day, debt collectors are calling former students and asking for monthly payments, which can be almost impossible to meet on their current salaries. What most “borrowers”, those who take out loans, don’t realize, is that they have the right to discuss a lower payment option, according to Deanne Loonin, an attorney with the Boston-based National Consumer Law Center, on www.dailyherald.com.

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Mobile security must be taken seriously with new technology

A person’s phone may soon be worth more than their car or credit card in the near future.

A good ten years ago, mobile phones started introducing color and GPRS into the life of everyday consumers.  Screens had a 96×65 pixel large resolution, if you’re lucky, and a built-in stopwatch function was a feature instead of a given.

Today, 42 percent of the US’ population own smartphones that have high resolution displays natively capable of web-access and a whole slew of other features people only dreamed of ten years ago.

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Four must-have items for a doomsday situation

Whether it be due to nuclear warfare, natural disasters, the uprising of rebels or a zombie invasion, people across the globe are preparing themselves for December 2012, the supposed end of the world. Though there are endless possibilities to prepare oneself, there are three real-life products by ThinkGeek that stood out as essential items everyone should have in their doomsday kit.

1. The Tactical Sammich ($5.99): To prepare for doomsday, ThinkGeek has brought a new type of technology to the table, this time available in honey BBQ beef and pepperoni flavors. With a weight of under 4 ounces, these sandwiches have a shelf-life of two years to ensure that alongside a couple canned peas, survivors shouldn’t have to worry about starving to death. And better yet, each sandwich has fewer than 300 calories.

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Scientists practice green chemistry for over 20 years

It was Teddy Roosevelt who said something to the effect of doing what you can with what you have. This is the attitude many adopt toward living a green lifestyle.

Many recycle plastic bottles and soup tins, opt for reusable shopping bags and read the news and books online instead of purchasing paper versions.

Unbeknownst to many, those in the chemistry world are doing what they can, too.

The Green Chemistry movement began in the 1990s when a group of scientists recognized the importance of reducing environmental impact when working with chemicals.

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